How to find a balance between usefulness and taste

Buying food, we always choose between what is useful and what is tasty. Risotto is always healthier than a burger, but we often want our food to be tasty in the first place. It is difficult to choose between useful and tasty food because it often means we have to cook ourselves.
Outside of fast food restaurants, there is plenty of food that we can consider as healthy. In the first place, not only vegetarian food is good for your body. Fish, poultry, and even red meat are perfectly normal part of the everyday diet as long as they are not fried, grille, or overcooked in any way. Try cooking them with spices and serve with boiled potato or whole grains. Learn to cook tasty sauces and gravy to add taste to the food you always considered plain.
Everyone has to find their own balance between healthy and unhealthy food. In our everyday diet, we shall rely on slow food, but we can also indulge our tastes in a restaurant when going out once in a while.

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