The correlation between the relationships of a dancing couple and the quality of dance

Relationships on the dance floor are very like relationships in the real life. Ballroom dance is a competitive sport, in which partners behave rather businesslike. But each partner has their own personality traits, temperament, and behavior, the factors that you cannot ignore when dancing together for a long time. That is why people shall be in good relationships if they want to start a dancing career together.
The relationships between dancers are so close that they often go beyond the dance floor. It may look nice, but such a scenario is a slippery slope for every couple. In case they break up as a romantic couple, they are most likely to quit dancing or have to change partners in the middle of their career.
Despite ballroom dancing is a sport and a good career opportunity, personal factor plays a great role in the athlete’s success. You cannot dance with the partner you misunderstand or with the one who makes you feel dismal. Comfort in personal relationships is a half of the success on the dance floor.

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