The role of theatrical skills and acting abilities in dancing

Dancers are actors and athletes at a time. They dance for the audience, and their performance often is a narration. Ballerinas and folk dancers always tell a story staged by composers, producers, and choreographers. Dramatic expression is as crucial as body movement and technique in theatrical performance.
All kinds of dances require either acting abilities or a sincere expression of emotions from dancers. Ballet, ballroom dancing, and folk are performance dances, which means they are a part of a play. Ballerinas learn to dance and act at a time because they are technically actors in the play. Folk dances require the power of expression from the dancer. Their aim is to pass the energy onto the audience and to do that dancers have to be very lively.
Couple social dances are more about the satisfaction of the dancers themselves. No drama is good here, but dancers have to express their sincere emotions. Whether they are surprised, inspired, or amused, there is no point hiding their emotions from the partner.

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